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Requests Optimization tool

To help publishers with the ad request optimization to ad campaigns, Adtelligent offers a Requests Optimization tool.

The algorithm analyses performance of the chain by the pre-selected options and its value every time picked in the Lookback period field - every 15 minutes and caps the volume (if the value is below the threshold) of the traffic coming or, the opposite, remove capping (if the value becomes above the threshold) the volume of the traffic out of the chain.

Options (threshold by):

  • fill-rate (Ad requests)
  • CTR (for XML activity only)


  • Fill rate value - Source + Bundle/Domain + Campaign;
  • CTR - SubID + Source + Campaign


Condition is set on campaign Y:

  • Аill rate (Ad requests): 3%
  • Lookback period: last 30 minutes
  • Traffic cap for performance below threshold: 10%

Traffic goes from source X and 3 bundles (1,2,3) to campaign Y. If the Fill rate on the specific bundle chain (i.e. X-1-Y) is less than 3% for the last 30 minutes, the system will cap the amount of the traffic sent thru this chain to picked percentage in Traffic cap for performance below threshold field (10% in this case) of incoming traffic, which means that only 10% of requests will reach the campaign. If during a consequent check (every 15 minutes) the value of fill-rate on the chain X-1-Y reaches and overcomes the threshold (3%), the system removes the 10% limit.