Creating Advertiser

Advertiser’s account (either a direct or indirect demand source) is created in the way similar to the one used to create a Channel. Click on  and simply fill in the Advertiser/Demand source name or a company name and add a description to define this particular entity out of multiple records of other Advertisers.

Below you can find several fields where different lists can be attached. With the help of these list, requests are going to be blocked and won't reach your Demand.  

After the name and lists, there are two options: Enabled and Archive

  • Enabled checkbox is ticked by default and means that the Advertiser is active. When this checkbox is unticked, the Advertiser consequently becomes disabled and will not be able to receive Ad Requests, Ad Opportunities and Impressions.
  • Archive option disables the entire activity of the Advertiser and moves it in a separate "Archive" folder in the bottom of the left-side panel. Archived campaigns in the Advertiser will not be able to receive Ad Requests, Ad Opportunities and Impressions.
Note When the Advertiser becomes archived, all campaigns that have been created under it become archived as well.

In the bottom of Advertiser settings, API access link can be found. This option provides access to the statistics through XML link.

More detailed information along with API documentation can be downloaded by clicking on button.

When you finish creating the new Advertiser click on  button to apply the changes. 

Once the Advertiser is created, new Grant permission tab appears. It allows you to generate a member zone for your AdvertiserIn order to do that, you just need to specify advertiser's email as a login and click button.

The Advertiser will receive an email with the  button which needs to be clicked to manage the account.

After that, the Advertiser will be redirected to page, where he needs to click  button and create the password he will use to login in future.