3rd Party Tracking

Your demand partners may need an additional event tracking. We designed 3rd party tracking functionality specifically for this purpose. First of all, you should specify the event type to be tracked (1) and then add the tracking pixel that will match the specific event in the form of URL (2). If you want to remove your 3rd party tracker simply click on the (delete) button (3). The last but not least, traffic score (4) field allows you to set the percentage of traffic to be scored. 

NoteAt this time we work only with image tracking pixels

Event type drop-down stands for the type of a tracking event. Below you can find the complete list of tracking events that can be used.

  • Impression
  • Video Clickthrough
  • First Quartile (25% watched)
  • Midpoint (50% watched)
  • Third Quartile (75% watched)
  • Complete View (100% watched)
  • Pause
  • Mute
  • Resume
  • Unmute
  • Error
  • Skip
  • AdRequest
  • Before ADM Insert