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Adding New Source: Tag based

To create a new source simply go to the Channels section, select the channel you need and then click on  the button. Here you will be able to find 4 tabs: Basic settings (1), Advanced settings (2), Tag Constructor (3) and Align Demand (4)

Basic settings

  1. In the Source settings, enter the Source name (1) and the Source description (2) if required.

  2. Pick integration type (3). Among options: Tag based integration / oRTB / Prebid / XML (Ad Push, POP). In this example we procced with tag based one. 

  3. When integration type is picked, proceed to pick the Environment (4). Options are: Desktop / Mobile Web / Mobile App / CTV / CTV Web

  4. The last step will be to select the type of tag (5). It can be: VPAID JS / VAST / Display / Audio 


With Sensitive Supply toggle (6) you can "lock" this source of being selected in the Align Supply tab. Campaigns can be aligned to this source only from its settings. Ad Buffet (7) option allows you setting the quantity of ads that will be sent to the publisher in 1 response. Usage of this option may potentially increase the performance. 

The tag URL (8) will be automatically generated in this field after saving the source.


Below you will find Source Pricing section. In this section, you can set a corresponding pricing model to the source:

Please follow the link to find more information about each model.

Then with a click on the  button, you'll be redirected to the advanced settings.


Advanced settings

In Advanced settings you are able to:

  • Customize tmax settings

In the Timeout settings section, you can set up a Custom Response timeout (by default we pass tmax without any changes made). 


  • Set source limits

In the Source capping section , you can set up daily limits for the number of Impressions, Ad Opportunities and Ad Requests per second.


  • Define targeting

In the Targeting section, you can set different targeting options for your source. 


  • Add player sizes


Tag Constructor 

In this tab you can add / remove parameters from the tag URL by simply clicking on them in the list on the right side of the page. Once the tag is configured, you can simply copy it using this button - - and share with the partner. 


Align Demand

The last step will be to connect demand to the tag. The Align Demand tab was designed to simplify the process of adding relevant advertisers/campaigns to the specific Source while creating it. You may also connect campaigns to the Source anytime later.


  • Prefiltering zone (1) contains all the settings inherited from the settings of the source itself. 
  • The grid (2) below contains all the demand that suits the conditions picked in prefiltering zone. 

To connect the campaign to the source follow the next steps: 

1. Pick corresponding campaigns by clicking on the tick mark next to them 

2. Proceed by clicking on  button that appeared in the right corner above the grid and then click  button in the popup window that opened. 

3. Your demand is now connected to the source

Step-by-step manual can be found under the link