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Player Sizes Targeting

In this section, you can set different player sizes for targeting. 

To do that, select the targeting (1):

  • White - to allow delivering Ad Opportunities and Impressions only to the chosen player sizes;
  • Block - to restrict delivering Ad Opportunities and Impressions to the chosen player sizes;

Choose the parameters of the player (2) (width from/to and height from/to) and then click on Add new player size button (3). 

You can also edit these parameters later if required. When a custom size is chosen, you cannot save the empty fields or zero values. The minimum value (width to/height from) cannot be more than its maximum (width to/ height to), and the system does not accept negative values. 

The grid below will help you define the player size ranges according to market standards (it is generally accepted to define the player sizes for categories: small, medium, and large, only by its width, assuming that height is calculated by the player ratio):


width from 0 to 300


width from 301 to 600


width from 600 to 65535