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Providing Access to Your Publisher

Grant Permissions option allows you to provide your publishers with access to their member zone specific to their Channels and Sources with various dashboards, multiple statistics, and reports.

Via UI option (1) allows you to generate a member zone for your publisher. To do that, you need to specify the publisher's email as login, save it, and choose the best way to add a password. This can be done either on your side by clicking on Reset Password (a new window with the set password form will open up). Please, make sure your browser does not block the pop-ups. You can also send the link to reset the password to your partner's email directly if you click on Send to email (the email address should be valid and not used in our system). 

Note The Reset Password or Send to Email buttons must be clicked only after saving the Channel.

You can also provide your publishers with an optional XML or JSON statistics API (2). 

API Definition

Application Program Interface (API) allows your publishers to pull statistics directly from Adtelligent servers and allows them to integrate these reports into their reporting system (if they have one). Open the PDF document for more information.

Detailed API information can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the Download button. All data and reporting available in the UI will also be available via API.