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Providing Access to Your Publisher

Grant Permission (Channel Settings) option allows you to provide your publishers with an access to their member zone, specifically to their Channels and Sources with various dashboards, multiple statistics, and reports.

 button allows you to send an access to a member zone for your publisher. To do that, you need to specify the publisher's email (1) and click the Provide Access button (2). Once done, publisher will receive the mail with the link to access the dashboard.


You can also provide your publishers with an optional XML or JSON statistics API (can be found in the Basic Settings of the Channel). 


API Definition

Application Program Interface (API) allows your publishers to pull statistics directly from Adtelligent servers and allows them to integrate these reports into their reporting system (if they have one). Open the PDF document for more information.

Detailed API information can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the  button. All data and reporting available in the UI will also be available via API.