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Adding new Audio RTB Source

To create a new Audio RTB Source, go to the Channels section, choose the Channel and click on the button. 

Source settings

  1. In the Source settings, enter the Source name (1) and the Source description (2) if required.

  2. RTB type of integration (3)

  3. Then select the needed Sypply type (4) for your source.

With Sensitive Supply toggle (5) you can "lock" this source of being selected in the Align Supply tab. Campaigns can be aligned to this source only from its settings.

The  Audio RTB endpoint (6) will be automatically generated in this field after saving.

Source Pricing

In the source pricing section (7), you can override (8) a Share of revenue set at the Channel level.

Please follow the link to find more information about each model.

Then with a click on the button , you'll be taken to the advanced settings.

Timeout settings

In the Timeout settings section (9), you can set up a Custom Response timeout (by default we pass tmax without any changes made.)

Source capping

In the Source capping section (10), you can set up daily caps for the number of Impressions daily cap, and Ad Requests per second.


In the Targeting section (11), you can set different targeting options for your source. 

You can find more detailed information in the article Player Targeting.

Once the setup process on the page is completed, click on the button  at the bottom of the page.