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How to create TEST AdPush feed

Creating a Test Feed

NotePlease keep in mind that all the Clicks generated by the Test Campaign tag will not be paid.

In order to add a non-revenue test campaign please follow the steps below:


Go to the Advertisers section, choose an existing advertiser or create a new one and click on  button. In the settings section enter the name of the campaign (1). Choose AdPush Integration type (2), and the Environment (3) of your feed. Add the XML link https://622188.xmlfeed.feed-xml.com/?subscription_date=[replace_me]&subscription_timestamp=[replace_me]&lang=[replace_me]&subscriber_id=[replace_me]&uip=[replace_me]&ua=[replace_me]&subid=[replace_me]&domain=[replace_me] to the Feed URL field (4). This link contains a sample response provided by Adtelligent so there is no need to use macros manual (5) here.


Pick #32 Adtelligent as a template and JSON as a tag type to have the response template filled in automatically.

Specify the start and the end date of your feed to limit the period it will be running. You might also need to use start now or run indefinitely. 

Insert the delivery settings

After that, press the  button at the bottom of the page in order to submit the changes.

NoteKeep in mind that a mobile source should be matched to the corresponding campaign type with the proper connection environment selected.



In the Align Supply tab match the source you need to test with your new test campaign. Then, you can start monitoring the performance of your entities. In order to stop your test campaign just deactivate it (Disable it) inside of Test Campaign settings and save the changes.