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How to create SubID Remap List

SubID remap lists functionality has been added to help you with replacing one SubID value to another. To create the one, go to Global Lists -> Remap Lists -> Create -> SubID rewrite list SSP. Once picked, new fields appear:


Choose parameters: 

Allows you to pick which parameter needs to be changed in the request sent to the demand that is being connected to the specified source. There are two options - Subid and Domain


New value generation way:

1. Direct

List needs to consist of 2 columns: old values in the 1st column and corresponded new values in the 2nd column. When system receives the request with the SubID from the 1st column, it will replace the value with the corresponding one from the 2nd column.

2. Random

List needs to consist of 2 columns: old values in the 1st one and new values in the 2nd. The system will randomly pick SubID from the 2nd column when request will be sent from the SubID from the 1st.

Once list type is picked, don’t forget to apply this list to the relevant Demand. It can be done below, in Advanced settings:

1. All Demand

When picked, the list will be applied to all Demand on your account

2. Advertiser

You can select only one advertiser or several at a time. The list will be applied only for picked Advertisers from the drop-down

3. Campaign

One or several campaigns can be picked here. Once done, the SubID list will be applied only to them. Please note, when several advertisers are picked on the “Advertiser” stage, in the “Campaign” will be displayed only those campaigns that belong to the picked Advertisers

The last stage is to attach the list to your sources. It can be done in Source settings -> Advanced settings -> Remap Lists