How to add a New Site

Before adding the first site to the Header Bidding platform, you will see the following pop-up:

Further, to add a New Site, you have to go to the “Site” tab (1) and click on the “Create” button (2): 

Create New Site: 

  • Enter domain(1) - enter the domain name of your website. This domain should be associated with your linked Google Ad Manager (GAM) account;
  • Google Ad Manager (GAM) Network (2) -  select the Google Ad Manager (formerly Doubleclick for Publishers, DFP) Network manually from the drop-down list;
  • Publisher (3) - select a Publisher from the drop-down list of already created Publishers (also you will be able to grant this publisher access to the reporting);
  • My AdUnits rely on Div Id's (4) - put the tick mark here if slots on this page rely on specific div ids;
  • Click on the Create (5) button to save the new site;