The price offered by bidder for specific placement.


A piece of code responsible for serving an ad.


A specific configuration of an adapter.

Bid Request

An ad call sent by the adapter to an OpenRTB server.

Bid Response

The bid sent by OpenRTB server to adapter after choosing the bidder.


Demand partner entity that takes part in the auction for placements.

Win eCPM

The average price that was offered by bidders that won the auctions.


The event that takes place when the bidder offers the best price for the placement.

RTB Server

Server that can conduct the auction and communicate with adapter

(receive bidRequests and send bidResponses).

Google Ad Manager (formerly Doubleclick for Publishers

(DFP)) account

SaS platform designed to manage the process of delivering ads to the websites,

mobile devices, games. The account should be created on the DFP platform.


Demand entity inside Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) account.

A contract between the user and their advertiser.

Line Item

Every order as described above must include at least one line item, which defines

the ad to run, which unit it will run in, which creative to use, and details about any custom

targeting. Advertising campaign inside the Order entity.

Ad Unit

Any individual slot where ads can go. Ad units come in multiple sizes and can be placed

in many locations across the websites. All the ad units combined make up for your

ad inventory.


An optional tool for grouping ad units. It's a collection of one or more ad units where

an advertiser's ad can be displayed.


Display Advertisement.

Video Outstream

Video ad unit that is unaccompanied by video content. While a pre-roll ad requires

a publisher's video to wrap around, an outstream unit is a video ad not tied to any piece of video