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How to add Integration Snippet to your webpage

The final step is to add Header Bidding Integration snippet code inside the <head></head> tags of your code. 

You can find Integration Snippet in the Site Settings (Sites tab (1) → Edit button (2)). 

Integration Script tab: 

  1. An integration script (1) that is generated for the selected site and should be implemented.
  2. Integration mode (2) - types of integration scripts:
  • Standard - code that should be implemented in the <head> section of the page instead of the gpt.js script. Since there is no way to do “sync loading” of js file which is added dynamically, our snippet loads gpt.js itself when our script is ready or failed to load.
  • Novice is the latest version of Integration snippet that allows you to reduce a page load time and also to improve cache performance. 
    - Postpones script load until page is loaded - allows to call snippet only once page is fully loaded. 
  • Expert - basic Header Bidding script. Must be implemented higher in the code than gpt.js.
    Note: All types of scripts must be installed in the <head> section of the page.
  1. UAM friendly (3) - in case you work with Amazon Unified Marketplace, we support parallel integration with UAM. You just have to enable this feature, enter your UAM pub id and implement a newly generated snippet on the page.
  2. Test mode (4) - allows you to run an auction on the selected percentage of traffic.