How to add a New Buyer

To add a new Buyer go to the Buyer tab (1) and click on the Create button (2).

Create New Buyer:


  1. Name (1) - enter Buyer name
  2. Bidder type (2) - select the type of advertising (Video / Display) from the drop-down list.
  3. Select Bidder (3) - here you can find all currently available Bidder Adapters.
  4. Configuration (4) - select the type of parameter input:
    • Simple mode - for entering parameters using fields in the interface.
    • Raw mode - for entering parameters in JSON format.
  5. Parameters:
    • Enter key (5) - once bidder is selected, here you will see the list of required parameters for this adapter. 
    • Enter value (6) - enter parameter’s value received from the advertiser.
    • If you want to add some additional (optional) parameter - click on the Add Parameter (7) button.
    • Note: if the advertiser provided you with different parameters’ values for each AdUnitt/size/etc, you don’t have to create buyers for each parameter. Please, find out more about the best practice here. 
  6. Click on the Create button  to save the buyer.

Advanced Settings tab:


  1. Country filter type (1) - here you can white or block specific countries.
  2. Countries (2) - select countries that should be added to the white/block list. 
  3. Test mode (3) - enable to allow buyers perform only on part of your traffic. 
  4. Allow HBMP on (4) - specify the percent of traffic on which you want to run this buyer. 
  5. Bidder adjustment (5) - certain buyers will respond with a GROSS bid price while most buyers will respond with a NET bid price. In order to make the conditions of your auction fair, you can use bidder adjustment feature to adjust the % of the bid price. To edit the Bidder Adjustment and Bidder timeout proceed to Settings page
  6. Bidder timeout (6) - here you can select the value of bidder timeout. This value determines the maximum allowed time of the auction for a certain buyer.

Click on the Create/Save button to save.