How to add a New AdUnit

To add a new AdUnit, go to the “AdUnit” tab (1) and click on the “Create” button (2): 

Create new Adunit:


  • Site (1) - select the site (from previously created within the platform) for which you want to add a new AdUnit.
  • AdUnit Type (2) - select the ad type for this AdUnit.
  • Div ID (optional) (3) - fill in the line in case you use specific div id to implement ad units.
  • Allow auction on child AdUnits (4) - put the tick mark here if you want to allow auction with the same bidder setup on child AdUnits of selected. E.g.: /AdUnit_Name/ZZZ 
  • Ignore bid responses lower than (5) - allows you to filter bids lower than specified. Thus, low bids will simply not participate in the auction.
  • Select tags (6) - select tags from the drop-down menu or enter the new one. It is used for more convenient AdUnits managing within the platform.
  • Click on the Create button (7) to save the unit.