How-to: Outstream params

You are able to configure outstream player from params of bidder: 

    params: {
        outstream: {
          //param: value

Find out more about Outstream settings here. Please, use next parameters for configuring outstream player within bidder: 


Name Scope Description Values Example Type
type Optional allows you to set the outstream type Select one: inread/inbanner/interstitial/slider "inread" String
audio_setting Optional allows you to set audio settings Select one: on/muted/hover "on" String
default_volume Optional allows you to set the volume of your outstream video ad. 0-100 50 Integer
video_controls Optional  enables or disables the visibility of controls Select one: show/hide/hover "show" String
close_button_options Optional allows you to choose when/if you want to show the "close" button Select one: delay/not_show/based_on "delay" String
view_out_action Optional allows you to apply the action type to an outstream unit when it is out of the visible zone Select one: jump/detach/continue_playing_muted/close/continue_playing/pause "detach" String
is_countdown_show Optional allows you to enable/disable a countdown before the "close" button appears 0 - is enabled 1 - is disabled 1 Integer
percent_visible_before_show  Optional allows you to setup visible percentage of an outstream unit to play 0-100 50 Integer
countdown_time Optional allows you to set up how long the countdown will last and show to the user. 0/any number 15 Integer
close_button_delay Optional allows you to set a delay before showing close button 0/any number 15 Integer
disengagement_delay Optional allows you to set a delay before actions selected in desangagement_method parameter 0/any number 15 Integer
disengagement_method Optional is applicable solely to Interstitial units allowing you to select one of two possible options and determines the actions that can be applied to the player: Close button or Detach button. Select one: "close_button/detach_button/no/auto_detach" "close_button" String
event_for_expand Optional allows you to select when outstream unit should be expanded Select one: on_start_ad/on_load_ad "on_start_ad" String
detach_location_on page Optional allows you to select the location where you want the detached player to be placed Select one: bottom_right/fullscreen/bottom_left/center_left/center_right/top_right/top_left "bottom_right" String
detach_width Optional detached player's width in pixels any number 640 Integer
detach_height Optional detached player's height in pixels any number 480 Integer
animation_mode Optional allows you to control your outstream unit's animation mode on the webpage Select one: ease/ease_in/ease_out/step_start/linear "ease" String