Hosted Creatives

In the Reports tab > Hosted Creatives dashboard, you can pull and download the statistics of the amount of Bytes used with Direct Creatives uploaded to the campaign. Only for those clients who use Direct demand integration type in the campaign settings.

     1. Click the +New Report button (1). The new report creation begins. From this moment you can choose any parameters and combine them before saving. 

     2. Set the required values:

  • Slices (2)
  • Time period (3)
  • Metric Filters (4) 
  • Compare (5)
  • Wizard (6), please see Extra Options article for more information about metrics customization.

     3. User's View Template (7) allows choosing the view created in the Wizard (6) where you can adjust preset metrics for different reporting needs.

     4. Change the Report name by clicking the edit button near the New Report in the left-side panel (8).

     5. When all required parameters are set click the Save button in the bottom right corner. 

     6. You can also schedule the report (9). Scheduling reports allow you to deliver automated reports to the email address(s) of your choice.