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How to Setup Action (Conversion) Tracking

Step 1. Create an Action (Conversion) tracker.

Please go to your Line Item where you would like to enable it. Go to “Action Tracking” tab. Click on “Create” button.

After this, the following field will appear.

Step 2. Enter Action type and value.

Action: You can choose up to 5 Actions that you want to track.

Action Description: You can describe these actions, for example “Registration”, “Subscription”.
Value Tracking: Manual and Postback.
By choosing Manual, you set the Conversion Value of this Action. And every time the Action occurs, you are able to view the number of conversions and their conversion value in Reporting section.

When Postback is chosen, all the Actions and their conversion values will be tracked and available to view in Reporting Section.

Currency: USD, Euro, Russian ruble and Hrivnya are available to choose from.

Step 3. Choose postback type

There are two types of postback:

  • Client-side;
  • Server-side.


The postback URL is generated, and the link is placed on the landing page, where the user has to perform a specific action. Once the user clicks on the URL, we see a conversion on our side.

  • lid=2983 - is the Line Item’s ID
  • aid=72 - is the Action ID
  • {pp} - action’s price


Place the postback URL in your account of the affiliate network and place the specified macros.

In the example above, we can see that:

  • lid=2478 - is the Line Item’s ID
  • aid=72 - is action ID
  • {pp} - action’s price
  • {adid} - click id
  • {pid} - placement id
  • {crid} - creative id

Step 4. Copy action link to your tracking system

After the Action Tracker is created, you are able to view the link by clicking on Postback Url.