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How to create Schain Remap List

To create Schain Remap List, proceed to Tools -> Global Lists -> Universal Lists. The following steps are:  

1) click on  button in the upper right corner to start the creation process. 

2) give list a name (1) and pick keys (2) and values (3). Schain SID and Schain ASI will be relevant values when you create the Schain list:

 Note You can pick any other value as a key. In this example Domain or Bundle key is used.  


3) when list is created, go back to all lists and open the newly created one. At this stage it will be empty.

4) in the list you will find a CSV template, that needs to be downloaded (1), filled in with relevant values (SID and ASI) and uploaded back to the system (2).   


When the list is created, it will look like this:

There's also a possibility to update the list either by uploading a new file or by simply adding record one by one using  button. 


Lastly, when the list is created and filled in with all the required values, don't forget to attach the list to the campaign. It can be done in 2 ways:

1) from within the list itself

If you want to attach the list to the campaign from within the list settings, proceed to  tab and click on  button. From the list of options pick the one that is relevant for you:

If you are willing to upload the csv file with the campaign IDs, go with the last option, but if you are willing to pick the campaign manually - second option should be your choice. When you pick the 2nd option, a new popup appears, where you pick the required campaign from the dropdown menu. Make your choice and click on  button. Once done, you will see the campaign in the list of entities which have this specific list attached (Mass Actions tab). 

2) in the Advanced settings of a campaign

Another way to attach the list - is to do it in the settings of the relevant campaign. Open Advanced settings, proceed to Targeting section and press on  button. Scroll a bit till you find Universal Lists:

Tick on plus and then save the changes. Universal Lists are now added to your UI:

The last thing to do is to select the list from the dropdown menu and save the campaign:

 Note Please keep in mind that you won't be able to attach the list to the campaign until is has at least 1 record inside.