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How to create and attach Universal List

Universal Lists functionality has been added to help you create a specific remap list for the following capabilities:

  • to map textual bundle id to numerical id;
  • to change sid value;
  • to remap zone ID;
  • to replace incoming SubId;
  • to add advertiser domain.

To create the one, go to Global Lists -> Universal List -> Create

Give the list a name (1), select specific keys (2) (e.g., Source ID + Bundle ID) and values (3) (e.g., Zone ID) combination from the dropdown menu and click on button: 

Open the newly-created list by clicking on its name. You can download CSV Template by clicking on the button and fill in all the values or already existing Universal List can be uploaded with the help of button.

Other two options that are available:

  • If you need to add a single value to an existing list, use  button. 
  • The list can be easily exported into a csv format by clicking on the button for modification or sharing.


To attach the Universal list to the campaign, go to Mass Actions tab in the top left corner and select the most convenient way for you:

Options are:

  • Pick from the campaign list - allows you choosing campaigns the list will be tied to. The dropdown list consists of all your active campaigns.

  • Import campaigns from .csv - allows you to upload the file with campaigns IDs the Universal list will be tied to. This CSV file needs to consist of the active campaigns.

Mass Actions tab gives a possibility to manage the list on campaigns effectively by using filters such as Entity Type and List Type (1) and actions (3):

To remove the list from being attached to the campaign/campaigns, simply use the button under the actions button or tick the entities (2) and remove (3). 

 Note All combinations of lists will be Recursive automatically (all subdomains like subdomain.yourdomain.com will be processed along with domains).