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Tag Type Matching

This article describes how different VAST/VPAID types match on the Source and Campaign level.

1) At this time pure VAST matches solely pure VAST on both supply and demand sides inside a connection. Currently, it is used only for Mobile APP/Web and CTV environments. VAST is the only option available for new sources and campaigns.

2) Flash VPAID sources match pure VAST and Flash VPAID campaigns. It is a quite common tag type and it often requires a special player plug-in to guarantee the correct work.

3) JS source type works fine with three tag types: pure VAST, Flash VPAID, and JS VPAID. JS tag is compatible with Flash and can read SWF files when required while at the same time Flash tag is not able to run JS files at all.

Combo tag type (Flash/JS VPAID) matches all other tag types on the Campaign level. This type of tag contains both FLASH and JS units wrapped into VAST, so the one that matches the type of the source can be easily unwrapped when needed.

The only condition is player compatibility: your player should be able to know how to work with both Flash and JS files.