nURL and bURL support

Adtelligent supports impression counting logic via notification and billing URL. By default, the system follows ad markup logic. To change it, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Win notice URL - is a URL called by the ad exchange if the bid wins (not necessarily indicative of a delivered, viewed, or billable ad).

Billing notice URL - is a URL called by the ad exchange when a winning bid becomes billable based on exchange-specific business policy (e.g., typically delivered, viewed, etc.).


Ad requests originate at publisher sites or applications. For each inbound ad request, bid requests are broadcast to bidders, responses are evaluated under prevailing auction rules, and a winner is selected. The winning bidder is notified of the auction win via a win notice. Ad markup can either be included in the bid prospectively or in response to the win notice (nURL). A separate billing notice (bURL) is also available to accommodate varying policies enacted by exchanges beyond the scope of the OpenRTB specification (e.g., billing on device delivery, viewability, etc.). The win notice informs the bidder’s pricing algorithms of success, whereas the billing notice indicates that spend should actually be applied.

Link to the Open RTB specifications