Scoring Reports

In the Scoring Reports section, you can pull out and download scoring data associated with entities that are being scored and scoring services. If the Scoring Service option is not activated for your account yet, please check our Get Started guide.



By default in the report section, you'll see the data by all entities for the current day. Default report is a predefined record in the system that cannot be deleted. At the same time, it is editable within a specific session. You can manage and edit Default report parameters, but they will be reset next time you log in. 

Selecting User's View Template, you can see predefined reporting which includes the metrics specific for chosen template. 

You can also generate additional specific reports and apply filters to reach the maximum efficiency of your analytics/reporting requirements. Also along with the Default report, it is possible to create multiple custom reports (2) and schedule them if needed. You can edit scheduled reports by clicking Scheduled reports button (1), it opens the list with all the scheduled reports from your account where you can edit them, stop, delete or export to CSV. Please check the article Scheduling Reports for more information. 


You can find the custom reports by using a search field (3). Any of the reports can be filtered according to particular parameters called Slices (4). Filtering can be conducted by filter fields (5) bellow Slices, by typing an ID or a name of the entity. Data is arranged in tables and sorted by a number of default metrics. Table with the data can be easily exported by clicking Export to CSV button (6).


Description of all Metrics and Slices of Scoring Reports section can be found in the Scoring Glossary article.


NOTE: Please keep in mind that scoring data is uploaded to Reports with a delay of up to 24 hours.