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VPAID Delivery Settings (Basic Settings)

VPAID Delivery (Basic Source Settings) provides you with control over the VPAID unit. You can control latency timing, failovers, and more.

  1. VPAID session timeout (measured in seconds) parameter defines the lifetime of a VPAID unit inside a video player. Once the timeout is reached ad calls cease and the video content can begin. The value that should be set depends on the use case. For example, if a VPAID unit is placed on the main page you need to respond fast. If the unit is loaded in the video stream or you place it on internal pages it is recommended that you raise the value of the VPAID session timeout to increase the chance to load the ad.
  2. Wait for impression campaign (measured in seconds) sets the maximum timeout for each campaign/demand source in the connection. In other words, it is a specific time period the VPAID unit will use to wait for a response from a specific campaign/demand partner.
  3. VPAID parallel threads control the number of advertiser's/demand partner's VPAID units or creatives being simultaneously loaded to fill that impression. The optimal number of threads is 2-3.
Note VPAID delivery settings should be set according to the requirements of your supply partners and the type of connection with demand partners. Contact Support Team via support@adtelligent.com if you have more questions.