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Supply-side platform customization settings 

In the Platform settings section, you can change a footer of your main Member zone and Channel/Advertiser Member zones, which you can create using Grant permission functionality (see an article "Providing Access to Your Publisher").

Supply-side platform customization settings 

Please choose the member zone where you want to change the footer (1). You can select the default footer that is shown in the picture above.

You can also customize the footer (2), upload the avatar of the manager (3) or clear it, and leave the footer without an avatar (4).

There are also optional fields that you can set up:

  • First Name (5)
  • Last name (6)
  • Skype (7)
  • Email (8)
  • Name of the company (9)

If you want to customize the footer more profoundly, you can choose Custom markup (10) and change the HTML of the footer.

At the bottom of the page, you can see the changes you made (11). Once you finished with customizing, you should save the settings (12).