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Adding New Source (Desktop)

To create a new Source for the Desktop environment, go to the Channels section, choose the Channel, and click on the button.

In the Basic Source settings, enter the Source name (1) and Source description (2) if required. Choose the type of integration. Choose Desktop from the Environment drop-down (4). Then select the needed Tag type (5) for your source.

  • Passback Connection (6) checkbox allows the passback connection to receive ad calls from the source when it is ticked and vice versa when it is unticked;
  • Ticked Allow iframe (7) checkbox makes it possible for the tag to work correctly once set in the iframe. See more by following the link

The VAST tag will be automatically generated after saving. 


Source pricing

In the Source pricing section (Basic Settings) (7), you can select a price model. There are three pricing models available: Share of revenue, Floor Price, and Fixed CPM.

Please follow the link to find more information about each model.


VPAID Delivery settings

VPAID Delivery settings (Basic Settings) (9) provide you with control over the VPAID unit. You can set latency timing, failovers, and more.

Click here to get more information. 


Source capping

In the Source capping (Advanced Settings) section (8), you can set up daily caps for the number of Impressions, Ad Opportunities and also limit the number of Ad Requests per second.

Note The ad request capping starts working in case the value is higher than 50.


Source targetings

In the Targeting section (10), you can set different targeting options for your source. This feature allows you to target your audience by domains, countries, and player sizes.

You can find more detailed information in the article Player Targeting section.


Once the setup process on the page is completed, click on the button at the bottom of the page.