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Pixalate PreBid Probability

Probability is the metric used by Pixalate Prebid to define the risky inventory. It's stored in the Pixalate lists and is assigned to bundles/domains. The main idea is block all requests coming with equal or higher value than is set in cap. 

The cap can be found in the Pixalate Prebid Scoring Service setting. It accepts fractional values from 0 to 1: 

By default it's 0.5. However, when you want to change the value and click save, you'll get a pop up, which would require you to select the entities to be affected: 

3 options are possible: 

  1. Entered cap will be applied to New Entities only. Also, it's possible to add it to all New Sources/Campaigns.
  2.  Entered cap will be applied to Existing Entities only. Also, it's possible to add it to all existing Sources/Campaigns. 
  3.  Entered cap will be applied to All Entities only. Also, it's possible to add it to all new/existing Sources/Campaigns.

After selecting one of the switchers and ticking the checkboxes, just click Confirm to make the changes. 

How it works: 

0.5 is set as default probability in default cappings. If request came with probability value less than 0.5, system would pass it further. If the request came with probability value equal to 0.5 or more, system would block it.

If "New entities" radio button is picked, the probability would be added to all new entities created. If you change this default probability to 0.75 via checkboxes called "Existing entities" radio button, values on existing entities will be changed accordingly. 

If you want to change (override) the cap per entity, it can be done in:

  •  Tools -> Scoring service -> Entities -> Entity settings 
  • All sources/All campaigns -> Source/Campaign settings -> Basic settings -> Scoring Services