Scheduling a report


  1. Choose the report to schedule. Click the Schedule button (1)  in the right top corner of the data dashboard. Result: a new pop-up window for Scheduled Reports appears.
  2. Name (2) the file you'll receive to your email address.
  3. Look back (3): select the date range for which the data will be sent.
  4. Repeats (4): make your report a recurring event on a daily/weekly/ monthly basis.
  5. Choose the frequency (5) of your report:
    a. For weekly – the days/day of the week
    b. For monthly – the specific day of the month
  6. Choose the Timezone (6).
  7. Select the Delivery time (7).
  8. Emails to send report (8): add the recipient(s).
  9. Make your Scheduled Report active by clicking the radio button.
  10. Click the Save button (9).