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Integration requests

Aug 18 (40 days ago)
DSP Add-on or integration with Hubspot
Option to connect Adtelligent Demand-side platform to Hubspot Advertising as native integration or as an add-on to sync data and reporting between services.
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Aug 02 (57 days ago)
Add Conversant to prebid partners list
Add to Adtelligent SSP new prebid partner for integration: Conversant https://docs.prebid.org/dev-docs/bidders/conversant.html Our dev team working on it. Conversant added as a prebid partner in Q2 2...
yesterday 13:03 (25 hours ago)
Apple’s SKAdNetwork Support
Implement a SKAdNetwork extension to support programmatic buying, for the advertising ecosystem to communicate and manage the information needed to use the SKAdNetwork capabilities in iOS 14 and above...
Under review
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