Payment Section Description

In the Payments section, you can monitor your payments and check all the numbers.

By default, you can see the payments for the latest period of time with all available statuses (1). You can also select the year your payment(s) is associated with to get to the required data (2).
To see the billing summary for a particular payment, choose the payment and click the drop-down button (3). A payment status description is available on the hover of a "?" icon of current status (4).

Status Description

All the listed below statuses are included.

Payment processing

The amount is not final yet. It is based on statistics and changes and will be summed up when the billing cycle is closed.

Amount pending

The pending amount is in the approval process: (i.e., traffic quality issues, discrepancy evaluation, etc.)

Final numbers approved

The approximate final sum for the invoice. The client should send an invoice.


The payment was canceled, or there are some issues with it. In this case, you should contact your Manager for more details.

Payment received

The total amount of calculations of Ad Marketplace fee, Ad serving fee, and CDN fee. Should be sent to the client if the sum is positive (e.g., $ 400), should be received from the client if the amount is negative (e.g., $ -400)

Payment sent

The payment was sent based on the following calculation: Ad Marketplace subtotal (less), ad serving fees (less), CDN usage subtotal.

Payment table customization

By default, the Payment table contains 5 columns:

  • Payment ID
  • Period
  • Date
  • Total
  • Status
NoteThe invoice should be sent for the amount highlighted in the screenshot below.

Payment Details

When you select one of your payments, you can see the details inside of each payment.

Service Description
Ad Marketplace

The amount earned with VertaMedia Ad Marketplace

Ad serving

The number of Impressions gained with the help of Video SSP technology (VertaMedia Ad Marketplace Impressions are not included)

CDN Usage

The amount of Bytes used with VertaMedia CDN. Only for those clients that use VertaMedia video player.

NotePlease keep in mind that all the financial operations with Adtelligent are described in the Payments section. All the remaining calculations and payments should be processed by you and your partners (publishers and advertisers).

The formula below will help you calculate the amount of your earnings that you will have left after all the payments are sent and received:

Your earnings = Revenue (Reports section) - Ad Marketplace fee (Payments section) - Ad serving fee (Payments section) - CDN fee (Payments section) - Channel revenue (Reports section).