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How to connect push server: AdKernel


In order to set an API integration with AdKernel, please follow the next steps:


1. Pick the AdKernel server from the breakdown list (1)

2. Insert the domain (2) you use to login to the Host field. Example: http://login.adkernel.com 

3. Put the credentials (mail + password for statistics) (3) to the Login and Password fields.


Please pay attention to the the password you use. To have the integration set up successfully, please use password for statistics (if provided), not the password for logging in. 

4. Lastly, please fill in the Feed/Zone field with corresponding feed or zone ID from the AdKernel side. 

Once all the fields are filled in, please procced with clicking on  button. After adding the above information and saving the changes, you will be able to preview  the numbers (if any) using this button:

Please note that newly created demand feed can't have any previous data, hence it makes sense to use this button only in case if demand feed has been active for some time already and managed to gain some numbers.